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Hannibal has a dream that Mischa comes to him as an adult.

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hannibal lecter’s sketches


mads mikkelsen’s sketches


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Dr. Lecter is truly a Renaissance man.

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I feel like people who really want to understand being british should watch Blackadder.

I mean

people seem to think

we’re this super polite country

who drinks tea and eats crumpets

and spend all our time worshiping the monarch

but really we’re all twats

who speak with so much sarcasm you’ve no idea what we’re saying

Also it’s the best show ever made and has rowan atkinson so it ain’t a bad watch either.

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I am the one who watches

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Stop what you are doing and watch this.

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@robertdowneyJr Bros.

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can we just take a second to talk about robet’s chair? i’m laughing so hard i can’t

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I take super hot showers because I like to practice burning in hell

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43/∞black overcoat (3)

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